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The CPEQ becomes Abilio!

Within Abilio - Childhood Knowledge Dissemination Centre, the CPEQ will continue its mission to support and guide early childhood practitioners, and remain your trusted partner in the development and dissemination of scientifically validated training, resources and tools. Explore our psychosocial preventive intervention programs designed using proven best practices. These evidence-based programs are designed to support children's well-being and prevent social and academic maladjustment.

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Les aventures de Mimi et ses amis

The program Les aventures de Mimi et ses amis is an innovative, research-based approach to early intervention by improving the french vocabulary of preschoolers at risk of potential difficulties. *French only

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The Fluppy preschool program is designed for kindergarten children and aims to prevent violence and school dropout. It combines universal and targeted interventions that are implemented in schools with students and teachers, and in the home environment with parents.

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Minipally is a social skills training program for children ages 0 to 5 years old. Its aim is to prevent behavioural problems by stimulating the development of basic social skills, including communication and emotional expression, self-control and problem-solving.

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Forêt de l'alphabet

La forêt de l’alphabet is a French universal prevention program led by the teacher. It was designed to foster early learning literacy learning. The program is intended for 5-year-olds kindergarten children who speak French or are learning French as a second language. Presented in the form of fun activities, it complements the usual kindergarten activities. *French only

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Sentier de l'alphabet

Le sentier de l’alphabet is a French targeted intervention program that supports 5-year-olds kindergarten students who are at risk in their early literacy learning. It is in line with universal interventions such as La forêt de l’alphabet and is intented to be taught by a remedial teacher (orthopédagogue). *French only

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MathMat is a teacher-led program of mathematical activities designed to stimulate the numerical and spatial knowledge of 5-year-old preschoolers.

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