Fluppy is a violence and dropout prevention program designed for kindergarten children (age 5). It combines universal and targeted interventions that are implemented in schools with students and teachers, and in the home environment with parents.


Based on a study led by Professor Richard E. Tremblay (GRIP—Université de Montréal) that has been running for the past 40 years, the Fluppy program combines universal interventions, aimed at all children in the classroom (child intervention) and targeted interventions (teacher intervention and family intervention) aimed at supporting the most at risk children. An assessment process that started in 2003 allows for the continuous improvement of the Fluppy program.

Created in 1990, Fluppy is widely used in Quebec and in many countries.


The universal component is led by the kindergarten teacher, who offers 20 workshops featuring Fluppy and his 11 friends. The stories presented to the children call on their active participation to find solutions to the to the problems faced by the puppets.

The targeted intervention is implemented for students with a high level of disruptive behaviour. It includes support for the teacher and parents.

Fluppy is:


20 fun social skills training workshops and complementary reinvestment activities


A visit with Fluppy and his 11 friends, who model the acquisition of social skills


An effective intervention against violence and school dropout

Training courses

Fluppy – Preschool

Duration 12 h

This training is offered in two non-consecutive 6-hour days or in 4 blocks of 3 hours.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental theories underlying the objectives and teaching methods of the Fluppy program.
  • Recognize and put into practice key elements to best implement the program.
  • Understand and be able to implement strategies to prevent and act on the first signs of behavioural difficulties in preschool.

Fluppy – Grade 1

Duration 12 h

This 12-hour training is offered in two non-consecutive 6-hour days, or in 4 blocks of 3 hours.